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  • free kick

    Why the second free kick was given in Leicester's favour must remain an even greater one.
  • free market

    unheard by free marketeers
  • free hand

    She banged on it with her free hand and it was opened by Higgins.
  • european free trade

  • free movement

    Whilst some progress had been made complete free movement of capital cannot be said to have been achieved by the time of the SEA.
  • free church

  • free energy

    Whether a particular chemical reaction is likely to occur is related to the change in free energy involved.
  • available free

    Could it also have been that the extent of available free labour resources had been exaggerated?
  • american free trade

  • north american free

  • free colour

    All have: Own free colour TV.
  • be free

    To be free.
  • free to choose

    This universe contained no matter but intelligent and free spirits: free to choose and free to love.
  • free democrats

  • receive a free

    To celebrate, 100 readers will receive a free apron (worth £5), plus a 25g/1oz sample pack with recipe leaflets.
  • offer free

    Most now offer free counselling.
  • free only

    The people of England sees itself as free but is grossly mistaken, it is free only during the election of members of parliament.
  • free trade agreement

    A meeting of the EFTA-Hungary joint committee on June 27-28, 1991, agreed on the aim of having a free trade agreement in force by January 1992, and on the need to proceed in parallel with EC-Hungary talks.
  • free state

  • make free

  • feel free

    This discussion should always be a two-way exchange of information, during which the patient should feel free to ask questions and express fears.
  • free to do

    What a silly thing to say: people are free to do what they like with their lives.

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