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  • legal obligation

    The doctor is saying that he had to continue treatment as a matter of legal obligation .
  • under an obligation

    The states would always be under an obligation to give the judiciary all-embracing powers.
  • under no obligation

    Therefore the buyer was under no obligation to buy it.
  • moral obligation

    Thus they see no legal or moral obligation to accept any decision of the IWC on proposed quotas and moratoria.
  • obligation to provide

    Third parties were under no obligation to provide voluntary assistance, and section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1965 only required material evidence to be handed over.
  • contractual obligation

    There was an expectation but not a contractual obligation that the postholder would work closely with the Beacon Nursery.
  • obligation to do

    To what extent they are under a legal obligation to do so will be the subject of the following section.
  • statutory obligation

    There was, however, no statutory obligation upon the Council to produce one.
  • obligation to give

    The states would always be under an obligation to give the judiciary all-embracing powers.
  • obligation to obey

    But an obligation to obey the law as it is understood in political writings today is a mere prima facie obligation.
  • obligation to pay

    Goods/services are supplied by the seller to the buyer, thus creating an obligation to pay a sum of money.
  • obligation under

    The banks, in turn, charge customers for providing bonds as they represent a real obligation undertaken by a bank.
  • obligation to accept

    The vendors, in turn, are under no obligation to accept any offer made for [name].
  • obligation of confidence

    The obligation of confidence is of wider ambit than legal professional privilege.
  • have an obligation

    Those who consent to the authority of reasonably just governments or respect their laws are subject to their authority and have an obligation to obey their laws.
  • obligation to support

    It should also be noted that the obligation to support and maintain just institutions is likely to entail duties far above those of obedience to some laws.
  • imply obligation

  • sense of obligation

    It is not until that gift has been repaid and the exchange relationship put in balance again that a person will feel no sense of obligation.
  • obligation does

    This obligation does not, however, apply to information provided to an offeror in confidence by the board of the target company.
  • obligation to repay

    Accordingly, the company had ‘released’ the taxpayers from the obligation to repay the loans for the purposes of s 287(1) by virtue of the deed of novation, and the taxpayers' appeals would be dismissed.
  • special obligation

    A debate such as this imposes a special obligation on those who take part in it.
  • obligation to use

    The recipient had an obligation to use these talents to help others; and since I was a heretic, my duties in this respect were all the more pressing.
  • obligation to take

    Whereas the ordinary person has a choice whether or not to act, the police officer, in view of his or her status, has a positive obligation to take action.

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