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  • small group

    may be filed as "small" abbreviated accounts only if the group falls under the small group limits
  • study group

    This consultation has been effected through the Board's own study group on family matters, whose work the Board reports to this general assembly.
  • group of people

    Young Londonderry men are committing suicide at a higher rate than almost any other group of people in the United Kingdom.
  • labour group

  • steer group

  • group were

    By the end of 1987 the group were growing tired of the quarrelsome situation.
  • each group

    Now, this activity though, I, I'm going to ask you report it back so that each group reports to me
  • large group

    The most important overt reason was this ‘discovery’ of a large group of people who were being effectively denied legal representation.
  • wood group

  • group i

    The group is too wishy-washy an entity.
  • group b

    Okay now at this stage you don't normally have to ask for volunteers for the first group because it usually sort of role then off they go.
  • research group

    Dr. Singh is currently leading a seven-strong applied chemistry research group at the polytechnic and is a referee for the chemistry committee of the Science and Engineering Research Council.
  • management group

    It's for this reason that the setting up of a risk management group is considered the essential feature in the first step to control: identifying the risks relevant to a specific organisation.
  • pressure group

    David Pollock, director of anti-smoking pressure group ASH, said he was delighted with Roy's protest.

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