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  • take place

    Many loan contracts enable prepayment to take place without penalty.
  • should take

    And maybe we should take down some of the torches.’
  • take up

    That Liza Tremayne should take up with a corporal was so unlikely as to be ludicrous.
  • take into account

    The court should take into account the views of all parties including the child before making a direction.
  • i take

  • have to take

    You have to take little licks.
  • take advantage

    From now until the end of November, you can take advantage of two unique offers.
  • take part

    He was glad he had agreed to take part in the TV series Call My Bluff in which Ken was starring.
  • able to take

    I don't seem to be able to take it in.
  • want to take

    Many applicants will have a firm idea of what they want to study at university, but others will want to take some time to consider various possibilities before they apply.
  • take account

    There was also criticism that SMRs did not take account of the health-care costs of social deprivation.
  • take two

    I thought it might take two years of training.’
  • also take

    For example, you may not be allowed to study, say, economics unless you also take statistics or computing.
  • cannot take

    You can take all in the line or as many as you like but you cannot take from more than one line.
  • take action

    And she has failed to take action to limit the damage to her family's image each time scandal has threatened.
  • need to take

    I just need, it's this bit of the door I need to take off.
  • take off

    He sat on the edge of the bed to take off his boots.
  • take the piss

    No I, I didn't I didn't take the piss out of him, I listened, I actually
  • take decisions

    The document is likely to be wreathed in legal safety clauses because the Government cannot take decisions that are legally the responsibility of British Coal, which is a private company.
  • begin to take

    Certainly I don't think that the DTI's ministers and officials will find their jobs any less interesting when they begin to take up our cause in this way.
  • take a particular

    There might be occasions when we feel that we'd like MPs to take a particular line, in fact there are occasions when I'd like to see MPs take a particular line, but we can only ask them, we cannot in fact insist that they do take a particular line.
  • use to take

  • take away

    Now that should give me the same answer as if I do ten take away five so it's take away a plus five, Yeah?

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