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  • implication being

    ‘Ah, there you are!’ he ejaculated, the implication being that he had looked everywhere.
  • clear implication

    The clear implication for the University is that growth in some departments but not in others will no longer ensure future funding in any but exceptional cases.
  • obvious implication

    The obvious implication is that many asylum seekers may miss the deadline and lose the chance to appeal.
  • necessary implication

    Treaty if they arose expressly or by necessary implication.
  • policy implication

    However, the match between theoretical school and policy implication is by no means exact.
  • implication here

    The implication here is that these workers have rejected the dominant values of society and are made up of criminals, prostitutes, drug-addicts and other drop-outs (Lloyd 1982).
  • implication that there

    But the problem then lies in Marx and Engels' implication that there is an epistemological alternative in materialism or science.

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