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  • should abandon

    ‘I should abandon this farce of a holiday and go home to attend to my business.
  • decide to abandon

    For example, a player whose regular opponent fields High Elves might wisely decide to abandon any attempt to out-shoot his enemies in favour of a fast, hard-hitting attack force combined with long range artillery.
  • force to abandon

  • decision to abandon

    The 84-tonne US Skylab had crashed to earth in 1979 [for decision to abandon attempts to rescue Skylab see p. 29448].
  • have to abandon

    Unless there was one in the back wall, he would have to abandon the entire exercise.
  • prepare to abandon

  • do not abandon

  • must abandon

    Charles realized that he must abandon the attempt to re-assert the Forest rights enjoyed by his medieval predecessors.
  • abandon hope

    A salesperson should never abandon hope of winning an account.
  • government to abandon

    the Labour leader John Smith urged the government to abandon what he called these foolish proposals.
  • people to abandon

    If the fixed charge has to be very high it may induce people to abandon consumption of the commodity altogether.
  • like to abandon

    She would not like to abandon journalism altogether.
  • abandon the idea

    It could be that your ancestors were among the first to abandon the idea of hunting and gathering in favour of cultivation and husbandry.
  • will to abandon

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