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  • young people

    Most young people will never try sniffing.
  • young man

    ‘The young man who travels with you.’
  • young children

    Mothers of young children seemed to be the people most affected.
  • two young

    The plot of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is mainly about two young people who eventually marry.
  • young woman

    ‘And the young woman's address?’ asked Holmes.
  • young adults

    The young adults then travel to the colon.
  • young lady

    JEWKES: Why sir, I knew a bashful young lady of sweet sixteen, as madam may be, married to a young rascal with a…
  • many young

    ‘Trine Micheson, ex-Miss Denmark and currently Europe's top glamour model, is set to smash the drug culture that is destroying so many young lives today.
  • infants and young

    The disease usually occurs as an acute infection of the throat, but it can affect the heart and brain of infants and young children.
  • young boy

    Had she really killed a young boy while sleeping?
  • very young

    Her voice sounded very young and light.
  • serious young

    She did not care for the serious young men who toured the Home Office and the Treasury with her.
  • young girl

    Nigel ran through more and more young girls.
  • young blacks

    This separation breeds prejudice; worse, it isolates young blacks from the white world that will judge them when they leave school.
  • young person

    What is a young person?
  • young enough

    A brave risk-taker, who is young enough to have a big future.
  • young men were

    The young men were very indignant with Barlow.
  • how young

    God help you want to have seen the size of him and how young he was.
  • young women

    Too often with young women here it is not the case.
  • too young

    Unfortunately, the other daughter is a little too young, and I don't think Zacco wants a Genoese good-son.’
  • young plants

    Tender young plants as yet, and all the more vulnerable to sudden blasts of cold.

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