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  • interest rate

    The money market interest rate is 10 per cent.
  • particular interest

    Of particular interest is the Rhone-Alpes region surrounding France's second-largest city, Lyon.
  • public interest

    This was not in the public interest.
  • rate of interest

    Profits are made by lending money out at a higher rate of interest than that paid to depositors.
  • mortgage interest

    He was Minister at the Department when the Government halved help with mortgage interest repayments for the newly unemployed.
  • high interest rates

    At the time, the property industry was concerned that high interest rates had persisted for too long — all of 12 months, in fact.
  • great interest

    I wanted to give back something for the great interest and happiness I have had from being able to make music to people.
  • have an interest

    Teesside Women has celebrated its first six months of existence, during which it has provided a wide range of meetings and workshops for any women who live, work or have an interest in the area.
  • vest interest

  • increase interest

  • special interest

    Of special interest is the distinctive protein resilin (Andersen and Weis-Fogh, 1964; Andersen, 1970).

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