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  • thames valley police

  • up the valley

    His caravan site is a quarter of a mile up the valley from his house at a place called Miller's Bottom — here, it's marked.
  • valley police have

  • wye valley

  • valley railway

  • down the valley

    Local transport: Regular buses run to Bludenz, 11 kms away down the valley.
  • severn valley

  • dart valley

  • lagan valley

  • across the valley

    Miguel had been sitting on the balcony staring out across the valley.
  • river valley

    The river valley is a place of decomposition and transformation.
  • rift valley

    Further evidence contradicting the traditional symmetric rift valley model comes from observations of their morphology and surface structure.
  • wear valley district

  • valley where

    I was passing over a hill when Idris drove past me, hooting, and pointing to the valley where he was obviously going to wait for me.
  • valley towards

    But as we travelled down a lovely wooded valley towards the north coast at Alta, the sun appeared below the clouds near midnight and we stopped to take our first pictures of the midnight sun.

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