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  • social and moral

    At the start of each school day there is a twenty minute tutorial time, during which personal, social and moral values are discussed within the tutor group.’
  • moral values

    They have always been unseemly, since they make a mockery of the moral values they purport to uphold.
  • moral right

    In a forthright and emotional speech she declared that Gorbachev "does not have the moral right to govern" .
  • moral and political

    As repulsive as this junking of the UN Charter is the moral and political hypocrisy of the US and its allies.
  • moral courage

    In 1798 it took amazing moral courage to publish a poem which said ‘the world is alive’.
  • moral issues

    This can apply to moral issues and anything which runs counter to the Bible's teaching.
  • moral duty

    The law recognises the importance of encouraging statements made from a social or moral duty.
  • moral argument

    The NoS pro-Manchester lobby had a strong moral argument which appealed to both Horsley and the Founders.
  • moral standards

    Soon the "Hays Office" was issuing elaborate rules designed to maintain moral standards on the screen.
  • moral order

    In short, time was regarded by Hesiod as an aspect of the moral ordering of the universe.
  • moral point

    ‘From the moral point of view,’ he said slowly.
  • make moral

    As in the 1979 report, despite developments in Biblical scholarship, it asserted that throughout the Bible there was strong disapproval for homosexual practice but sinful human beings still have to make moral sense of their lives:
  • moral code

    The moral code here was clear, even as its application was uneven.
  • moral philosophy

    It is plain from all of this how moral philosophy is taken to depend on natural philosophy.
  • moral worth

    Next in line is the Victorian era, which is commonly remembered as harbouring some kind of gold standard of untarnished moral worth.
  • moral stance

    Some members of the anti-abortion lobby had apparently been indicating the ‘weak’ moral stance of protestants on the issue.
  • moral dilemma

    Each subject is asked to make judgements about a series of moral dilemmas from three perspectives:
  • moral nature

    The child's moral nature becomes perverted; one such child has been known to upset a whole school.
  • moral judgements

    Sometimes this appears as a ‘pen portrait’ of an elder in which moral judgements rather than evaluation predominate.
  • moral obligation

    Not every agreement is such, even though it may constitute a moral obligation.
  • moral sense

    Without the guidance of the nuns, Tilda seemed to have lost her last vestige of moral sense.
  • moral support

    She wants moral support.’
  • high moral

    I was merely surprised to note that someone who professes to take such a high moral stance should be cavorting freely with a married woman.
  • moral lead

    There was a deep need for US moral leadership.

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