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  • storm of protest

    A similar US series, Witness Video, sparked a storm of protest.
  • strike in protest

    He's on hunger strike in protest at the Home Secretary refusal to move him to Cardiff gaol near his home at Treorky in mid-Glamorgan.
  • peaceful protest

    Once again the DCAC had shown its ability to mount a peaceful protest and to maintain discipline over its followers.
  • protest when

    He was too full to make more than a token protest when Lorton removed the bowl and rolled up the newspaper.
  • protest march

    The DPP organized a 15-hour protest march through Taipei (the capital) on April 17-18.
  • political protest

    It also occurs in the context of political protest.
  • only protest

    Sarah could only protest feebly.
  • protest too

    ‘Heaven alone knows — but — the lady doth protest too much, methinks.’

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