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  • oxford english dictionary

  • dictionary of british

  • dictionary of national

  • oxford dictionary

  • dictionary definition

    Choose five and write a full dictionary definition of each one:
  • collocation dictionary

    Evidently, it is necessary to compile some sort of’ collocation dictionary’by automatic means.
  • data dictionary

    It has an active data dictionary and gives a relational view of the database.
  • dictionary of business

  • general dictionary

    Furthermore, there were other reasons why a general dictionary was to be preferred over the domain-specific dictionaries.
  • gardeners dictionary

  • dictionary defines

  • dictionary definitions

    Regular inflected forms of words are not given their own specific dictionary definitions.
  • picture dictionary

    A useful picture dictionary at the back of each book helps pupils with new words.
  • dictionary of quotations

  • dictionary of english

  • dictionary gives

    Lest anyone should think that the matter is totally unproblematical, it is perhaps worth pointing out that the same dictionary gives no separate recognition to the parallel occurrences of shut .
  • use a dictionary

    I couldn't spell and about the only time in your life you're not allowed to use a dictionary is in an English ‘O’ level exam.’
  • dictionary of music

  • good dictionary

    Haven't you got a good dictionary?
  • grove dictionary

  • collins english dictionary

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