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  • good deal

    It's used a good deal in the United States.
  • how to deal

    and how to deal them.
  • deal of time

    So many parents invest a great deal of time and energy in protecting them.
  • arm deal

  • great deal less

    A ‘hot’ lava, freshly-erupted, is a great deal less viscous than a ‘cold’one, and it can therefore flow faster.
  • decide to deal

    In accordance with standing order A thirteen C this motion will stand referred to the Policy and Resources Committee for consideration report unless the Council decide to deal with it at this meeting.
  • measure to deal

  • sponsorship deal

    NOINGHAMSHIRE yesterday announced a £35,000-a-year sponsorship deal which will guarantee winter employment to some playing staff.
  • difficult to deal

    The rude customer is unpleasant and difficult to deal with.

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