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  • balance of payments

    Hitting the balance of payments
  • balance of power

    The balance of power doesn't change.’
  • trade balance

    Croatia currently had a negative trade balance with Slovenia of 1,400 million Croatian dinars.
  • balance sheets

    Banks would lend money more freely and, in fattening their own balance sheets, would feed credit-starved economies.
  • balance of trade

    Sales which should contribute £100m to the UK's balance of trade every year should start next Spring.
  • upset the balance

    The lower they go, the closer they get to the point where even a small amount of cheating could upset the balance alarmingly.
  • right balance between

    ‘It was important to respect the independence of older team members who had been used to me as a competitor and find the right balance between coaching and friendship.’
  • balance sheet date

    amount due to or from the related party at the balance sheet date
  • off balance

    She felt reckless, off balance.
  • debit balance

    There would then be no minority interest figure in the profit and loss account for the current year, since the minority interest will also have been a debit balance last year end.

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