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  • make use

    Indeed it will make use of the laws of physics, and nothing more than the laws of physics.
  • need to use

    You will need to use Minitab instructions PLOT and RLINE for this exercise.
  • efficient use

    More efficient use of resources
  • also use

    In addition to backup, you can also use d'Compress to scan for viruses on your machine, as well as using the program to view graphics files.
  • do not use

    If we do not use them they tend to degenerate, a process known medically as disuse atrophy.
  • language use

    These two chapters about sex differences in language use have examined not only the linguistic (how women and men talk) but also the metalinguistic (that is, how they analyse and talk about talk, either in folk or in expert terminology).
  • first use

    Obviously, the length of time between first use and second use and, subsequently, between first use and daily use, is intimately related to a number of personal and social factors.

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