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  • many examples

    There are many examples of this.
  • two examples

    Take two examples.
  • number of examples

    We shall go through a number of examples later.
  • few examples

    And you t you'll find sort of quite a few examples of products erm
  • examples include

    other examples include simulations, modelling systems adventure games and game generators.
  • good examples

    The professor who recently returned from an extended visit to Australia and New Zealand said he found very good examples in Australia of what not to do in the field of child welfare.
  • examples of how

    (1987) provide detailed examples of how such landforms can assist in the interpretation of major tectonic features.
  • best examples

    Some of the best examples of the single gesture of great significance are to be found in Ashton's A Month in the Country and MacMillan's The Invitation .
  • many other examples

    There are many other examples of the same thing.
  • examples are given

    Three simple examples are given in Figures 16.4,16.5 and 16.6.
  • simple examples

    Three simple examples are given in Figures 16.4,16.5 and 16.6.
  • specific examples

    Those consequences have been highlighted by my hon. Friend with specific examples from industries within his constituency.
  • examples given

    Looking at what the examples given by Which are concerned the solicitor was only charging about thirty percent of what the bank would.
  • major examples

    But it is worth looking at two major examples in more detail to get a flavour of those heady days.
  • numerous examples

    It was a source of great prestige to have one's portrait painted while sitting on, or standing near an Anatolian rug, and numerous examples of this can be seen in the pictures of Simone Martini and other artists of the period.

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