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  • make sure

    And he would make sure that they got it!
  • i make

  • make up

    I wished you'd make up your mind.
  • able to make

    Oh aye, I like, I like getting something that's a bit of a mess and being able to make a job of it and
  • use to make

  • want to make

    And she didn't, couldn't at that moment conceive of any reason, however remote, why he would want to make love to her.
  • go to make

    The most obvious questions have to do with the elements or components of the curriculum: the things that go to make it up (see Figure 1.1).
  • make the most

    All meals and a special Golf Hotel programme to make sure you make the most of Christmas
  • make love

    ‘Do you make love with him?’
  • make sense

    Does that make sense?
  • how to make

    He appointed a manager, Brian Little, who knew how to make a team play.
  • must make

    Perhaps we must make similar choices.
  • make use

    It is still at work, producing animal feed and, unlike many others, continues to make use of water power.
  • make it up

    Then, his mouth muffled against her sweet-smelling hair, he went on softly, ‘Don't be too disappointed; I'll make it up to you.
  • i could make

  • wish to make

    But Lily, suddenly desperate to go, had argued: ‘They wish to make amends for this morning — they must be allowed…’
  • try to make

    Alternatively, if you're keen to sail the club will try to make arrangements for you to go out with a club member.
  • do not make

  • do make

  • make a decision

    At this point the school had to make a decision about the priority which this activity was to be given in the school's development.

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