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  • take issue

    The only thing I would take issue with is the insertion of a cadenza towards the end of the Toccata in C , BWV564.
  • first issue

    A first issue number must be specified for every module name entered.
  • last issue

    In the last issue of AEA Times, I wrote about some of the key developments in our review of privatisation options.
  • important issue

    It felt as though anti-racism had become an important issue over a period of just one year.
  • issue of whether

    Disputes wage over the issue of whether or not nuclear families today are isolated from their kin.
  • key issue

    The key issue is the forwarding of a completed proposal form to the creditor or owner (see Brookes v Retail Credit Cards Ltd [1986]CLY 370).
  • preliminary issue

    I have to determine a preliminary issue ordered by Judge Diamond on 9 October 1990, which I have slightly amended with the leave of the parties to read:
  • right issue

  • issue number

    their issue number is not higher than the latest in LIFESPAN

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