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  • learner must

    This is a source of noise which the learner must tolerate.
  • language learner

    Their value for a language learner is that they contain all kinds of examples of people communicating.
  • foreign learner

    Between speakers of different languages it depends as much upon the native speaker as on the foreign learner.
  • help the learner

    The letter also removes some of the fear of the unknown, and will help the learner to settle more quickly.
  • learner drivers

    The trouble is the industrial estate is full of learner drivers just like yourself!
  • learner should

    Each learner should be assigned to a clinical teacher or tutor whom they should consult regarding individual difficulties.
  • hear learner

  • professor learner

  • learner does

    This should be a rewarding and therefore a motivating experience if the learner does come away from it with a feeling of achievement.
  • teacher and learner

    I have often found that I can share problems with them as both teacher and learner.
  • each learner

    The needs of each learner will be recognised and work can be planned to meet them.

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