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  • position with respect

    Section 56 deals with transfers of works in electronic form and the position with respect to copies which are not transferred along with the original software.
  • claim in respect

    If you are confident that you can show that your contract has been broken, you might wish to pursue not only an unfair dismissal complaint, but also a claim in respect of breach of your contract.
  • little respect

    ‘These young jet lads seemed to have little respect even for their parents.
  • trust and respect

    There are two items already with us that are symptomatic of the reduced trust and respect in which some ministers hold teachers.
  • lack of respect

    It displays a basic lack of respect for other human beings.
  • particularly in respect

    The fourth matter upon which the appellants rely, and this is a matter of considerable importance, is that they claim to have been misled by the solicitor who was acting for them during the course of 1991 and particularly in respect of these committal proceedings.

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