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  • market share

    the purchaser's market share and market position
  • labour market

    The ith labour market is but one of n micro labour markets.
  • common market

    EC joins plans for common market including East Europe economies.
  • stock market

    stock market indices
  • money market

    This remained the principal activity in the London money market for over a hundred years, until a wave of innovation hit the market in the late 1960s.
  • uk market

  • open market

    Annuity open market options
  • competitive market

    Despite very competitive market conditions another good performance was reported by GA's Canadian companies.
  • market price

    The market price of an asset is simply the present value of the income stream to which it entitles the owner.
  • single market

    To complete the single market and extend it to the seven countries of EFTA.
  • market research

    What are the particular problems in market research of recording respondent attitudes and opinions?
  • property market

    The property market has softened, but not collapsed.
  • market value

    It is no longer necessary to agree the market value of assets for which capital gains tax gifts holdover relief is claimed.
  • market place

    Then Great-Grandad would drive the lot down to Barnard Castle to get the best price he could in the market place.
  • house market

  • home market

    ‘The home market isn't demanding enough about the quality and finish compared with its European counterparts,’ says York.
  • market town

    It is an old market town with a good shopping centre.
  • market through

    Kuchma promised "evolutionary" change and progress towards the market through a "sensible combination of administrative and economic measures" .
  • world market

    So the world market is a bit of misnomer, it's not a world market, right, it's a residual market.
  • market forces

    The government can, however, promote a more extensive adoption of efficient technology than would be achieved by relying on such market forces.
  • domestic market

    This fuel is more expensive to manufacture but could compete in the domestic market where there is a shortage of anthracite.
  • current market

    ‘It is still overpriced in the current market.’
  • art market

    A whole series of quite spectacular pieces of supposedly Dark Age jewellery and belt fittings, including the well-known Lombard Treasure, appeared on the art market at the beginning of this century (fig. 8.4).

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