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  • panic when

    A crash is a moment of panic when events are out of control and outlandish predictions become thinkable.
  • panic attack

    It was another panic attack.
  • panic attacks

    Epilepsy mistaken for panic attacks in an adolescent girl
  • moral panic

    Societies appear subject, every now and then, to periods of moral panic.
  • sense of panic

    He was her problem, and an irrational sense of panic was setting in.
  • panic buying

    They'll end up with panic buying and stockpiling and blackmarket trading.
  • moment of panic

    He experienced a short moment of panic.
  • cause panic

    So complete darkness can cause panic.
  • panic because

    I don't see any particular reason to panic because what we knew had to happen is now beginning to happen.
  • panic among

    It caused panic among the people and a big noise but no casualties.’
  • feel panic

    In the past she had only to think of being in an enclosed space and she would feel panic rising within her.
  • panic reaction

    It was so obviously a panic reaction that it fooled nobody.
  • total panic

    I admit, I was quaking with fright and this had its usual effect on Old Shallot: weak legs, wobbly belly, heaving chest and total panic.
  • panic swept

    Suddenly a wave of total panic swept across her like nausea and she had to resist the urge to dash from the car and hide herself among the trees.
  • moments of panic

    We compare minor skin abrasions, and tell and retell our experiences until those brief moments of panic begin to assume the glow of adventure.

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