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  • learn how

    She saw you learn how.’
  • have to learn

    only minds have to learn
  • learn something

    PLAYER: We learn something every day, to our cost.
  • need to learn

    Good negotiators also need to learn to master the art of listening — it's the greatest compliment you can pay
  • opportunity to learn

    There you will have the opportunity to learn about clog making and cheese preparation.
  • must learn

    We must learn.
  • learn from each

    You might learn from each other.’
  • easier to learn

    to make it easier to learn that way.
  • learn to live

    ‘We'll have to learn to live without him, Anne.’
  • surprise to learn

  • go and learn

    But go and learn what this means.
  • should learn

    I should learn to keep my big mouth shut.’
  • also learn

    It turns out that like the vervets, birds will also learn to whom they should respond.
  • first learn

    Well this is a big advantage when it comes to reading the literature, because it means you do not have to at first learn the basics of this science.
  • learn from experience

    There are many lessons that UK marketers can learn from experience in the USA in credit marketing.
  • learn a lot

    ‘You can learn a lot from Dr Streeter, so give her a chance.’
  • want to learn

    As with the bucket brigade algorithm, we want to learn a better set of weights for the patterns.
  • cannot learn

    ‘Negroes cannot learn French.
  • learn to play

    Well maybe we could learn to play with you.
  • learn anything

    Never could learn anything by heart myself.
  • soon learn

    We have never paddled at night and are a little apprehensive but soon learn what we have been missing.
  • learn so

    PLAYER: We learn something every day, to our cost.
  • way to learn

    That is never an easy way to learn, especially when you are going to give a demonstration the next day.

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