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  • very strong

    It may be very strong.
  • strong enough

    My mother isn't strong enough to work full-time, and I —’
  • strong sense

    Dulcimer churned out highly complex folk rock ditties with a strong sense of theatre added to spice their material.
  • so strong

    She was mad and so strong.
  • strong support

    ‘We had strong support from the county council, they were very helpful indeed.
  • have a strong

    ‘To satisfy this, ICI must have a strong upstream capability.’
  • strong evidence

    But they need strong evidence to secure a conviction.
  • strong tendency

    There is a strong tendency to belittle or ignore sexual activity in old age, but the feelings of carers may be affected by the degree of frustration experienced in that aspect of life.
  • strong emphasis

    Its Italian cuisine has a strong emphasis on Tuscan dishes.
  • make a strong

    More popular with the public than with his party, Mr Rocard would make a strong Socialist candidate for president.
  • strong feeling

    She told us: ‘Although I am only 27 years old, I have very strong feelings regarding the war.
  • have strong

    His late father was an IRA supporter, believed to be a money source, believed to have strong cross-border links.
  • strong position

    Overall, we are in a very strong position technically — especially in our cast sheet technology, in colour technology and now in the field of filled dispersions.
  • be too strong

  • strong current

    Without Westerman or Bontecou, one completely loses sight of the strong current of grotesque pervasive in American art.
  • strong opposition

    Any attempt by the mining company to undertake operations seems certain to run into strong opposition.

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