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  • so naive

    My mum is so naive
  • naive prober

  • naive enough

    The terms were staggering to anyone naive enough to think football was only a game.
  • very naive

    ‘Basically, I was very naive.
  • naive to think

    But he warned: ‘It would be naive to think the Provisional IRA are not planning a major attack on the British mainland.’
  • naive inductivist account

    The naive inductivist account of science does have some apparent merits.
  • too naive

    It's almost too naive to ask!
  • naive belief

    Any alternative view, it seemed, would imply a fatal lapse into Whiggism and a naive belief in progress.
  • naive young

    His voice suddenly stern, Tim goes on: ‘They weren't two naive young women joy-riding round the world.
  • little naive

    We were a little naive at times.’
  • politically naive

    He was politically naive too.
  • equally naive

    Johnstone's naively gifted style was in many respects complemented by an equally naive honesty with the press and public.

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