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  • research project

    Personally, I did once use such a role, while an undergraduate, working in a factory on a vacation research project.
  • major project

    Back in 1975, King identified six stages in the development of a major project:
  • project work

    Over to you!sections at the end of every issue offer ideas for project work.
  • whole project

    ‘Arguing on that basis,’ he said, ‘the whole project is impossible.
  • pilot project

    In January 1987 a pilot project in the village of Nomgaana gave 48 villagers (half of them women) an eight-week intensive course in literacy.
  • development project

    The Advanced Computer Research Institute (ACRI), based in the south of France, is the only current supercomputer development project in Europe.
  • project should

    The resources required for such a project should not be underestimated.
  • project aims

    The project aims to sort out which garden plants can be harmful, and to define just how toxic they really are.
  • project schools

    More general results were disseminated to the project schools in a series of newsletters.
  • project manager

    Do any offer help to the project manager in motivating the team?


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