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  • dine room

  • live room

  • hotel room

    What can I expect my hotel room to be like?
  • dress room

  • enter the room

  • room where

    Unfortunately for him the work was being done close to the room where one of the most lively goats lived.
  • every room

    I don't you mean one in every room to benefit?
  • across the room

    Wilkerson walked across the room like the place belonged to him.
  • little room

    There is very little room for waste or error.
  • around the room

    Hide several squares of different coloured papers around the room.
  • room like

    She works the room like a pro, an affectionate star turn.
  • single room

    Supplements per person per night:No single room supplements;
  • staff room

    The weekly rota is displayed in the staff room and also in the office.
  • when the room

    The system provides several different types of room racks with innovations and signals that can provide information for the receptionists; for example, pockets can have a centre window with two-colour sliding signals which can be moved to show red when the room has been assigned, yellow when the room is ‘on change’ and clear when the room is ready for letting.
  • plenty of room

    We parked in the InterCity car park which had plenty of room.
  • sit room

  • control room

    Something in Jack's desperation must have moved the guard, and he turned back to his control room.
  • room were

    Exercises in a room were all very well, but they were no substitute for running every day.
  • draw room

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