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  • general accident

  • accident happened

    The accident happened at Aaron's grandparent's farm at Brotton, East Cleveland.
  • road accident

    A cyclist killed in a road accident in Donegal earlier this week was from Londonderry.
  • personal accident

    This condition does not apply to personal accident benefits, as described on page 9, which we will pay in full.
  • accident and emergency

    If people think that any London accident and emergency department is stressed let them try Bellevue in New York.
  • fatal accident inquiry

    A fatal accident inquiry into the Lockerbie air disaster opened in Dumfries in Scotland on Oct. 1.
  • accident report

    The Bibliography references the official accident reports from which a full account of each accident can be gained.
  • accident estimates

    For accident estimates there was a significant main effect of study (F(1,64)=7.88, p
  • car accident

    His parents died in a car accident while he was still at school.
  • accident investigation

    In the event of an airline being involved in a major accident with one of its own aircraft, the company flight safety section will be the main liaison link between the official national accident investigation authority and the airline.
  • traffic accident

    You know I had a moving traffic accident
  • accident rate

    The improvements in the accident rate have come about largely as a result of increased awareness about safety matters and a developing safety culture.
  • accident while

    His parents died in a car accident while he was still at school.
  • accident involving

    The A four one three in Buckinghamshire at Dunton turn between Winslow and Whitchurch did see two mile tailbacks earlier on this afternoon, at that was Aylesbury-bound due to the accident involving a car on fire.
  • freak accident

    AN 80-YEAR-OLD German driver who killed a toddler in a freak accident may never go behind a wheel again, an inquest heard yesterday.
  • aircraft accident

    The regulations give a definition of a ‘reportable aircraft accident’ and this is consistent with the definition used by ICAO.
  • serious accident

    He invented a serious accident for his wife as an excuse not to see Eleanor for a while.


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