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  • lessons learned

    are lessons learned.
  • lessons were

    It appeared that lessons were already being learned.
  • few lessons

    There are few lessons to be learned from history.
  • music lessons

    I merely propose that the charade of music lessons be terminated.’
  • drive lessons

  • valuable lessons

    He had learned two valuable lessons when, in 1924, he became head of the Bureau of Investigations.
  • many lessons

    Too many lessons in the morning I'm sorry.
  • take lessons

  • lessons have

    However, lessons have been learnt since the earlier transformations.
  • career lessons

  • piano lessons

    Why was Elinor in charge of Maisie's piano lessons?
  • dance lessons

  • english lessons

  • lessons must

    And lessons must be paid for.
  • important lessons

    He says it's taught him important lessons.
  • lessons because

    But I could not make Adèle concentrate on her lessons because she was constantly talking about the presents Mr Rochester had promised to bring her.
  • there are lessons

    But there are lessons to be learnt.
  • history lessons

    She remembered a phrase from her Irish history lessons in the convent school most of the girls of the Jewish community had attended.

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