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  • agreement between

    Top-level talks in Moscow on Nov. 3-4 produced the most important agreement between Cuba and Russia since the break-up of the former Soviet Union.
  • reach agreement

    The talks, held in Beijing, again failed to reach agreement on financing the project.
  • general agreement

    There is general agreement about the principle of allowing some measure of independence to the province.
  • agreement was signed

    The agreement was signed in September during a visit to China by UK Prime Minister John Major [see p. 38435].
  • sign an agreement

  • partnership agreement

    The provisions which might be included in a partnership agreement relating to the ownership of partnership property are considered in more detail in Chapter 4.
  • under the agreement

    Any provision for the original tenant under the agreement to be joined in the lease as surety for the assignee should be vehemently resisted.
  • sale agreement

    Arms sale agreement with USA
  • agreement should

    Ideally, some sort of agreement should be worked out fairly early on.
  • peace agreement

    Syria's co-operation with Western countries during the Gulf War aroused some media speculation over the possibility of a future Israeli-Syrian peace agreement.
  • agreement made

    Can he tell the House something about the agreement made on 13 December by his right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Environment, which I understand will lead to a 6 per cent.
  • agreement signed

    Mr Brown claims that considerably effort had already been made by BG to encourage competition in the gas market under the terms of an agreement signed last year with the Office of Fair Trading.
  • reach an agreement

    Under the Lalonde scheme, any company producing toxic waste would have to reach an agreement with the state environment agency to ensure it was adequately treated.
  • agreement shall

  • credit agreement

    The consumer must be provided with copies of the consumer credit agreement but this requirement will vary.
  • whether the agreement

    LORD HANWORTH M.R. [after stating the facts and accepting the principle that a creditor is not bound by an agreement to accept a smaller sum in satisfaction of a larger ascertained amount, unless there be a benefit or even any legal possibility of benefit to the creditor thrown in]: We have, therefore, to consider whether the agreement that was made here on July 6 was an agreement to do anything else than simply to pay on Friday, July 8, into the hand of the creditors the sum which was already ascertained and in respect of which there was not only the legal liability, but a duty enforceable by any mode of execution against the debtor.

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