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  • foreign language

    An obscene oath in a foreign language escaped Blackbeard's furious lips.
  • sign language

    Diana immediately wanted to learn sign language after her first visit to a school for the deaf
  • language learning

    Discourse in language learning and teaching
  • english language

  • natural language

    In its pure form natural language indexing has some obvious limitations.
  • language teaching

    Firth's strictures would, of course, apply equally to a very large number of sentences appearing in language teaching textbooks and practised by pupils.
  • language acquisition

    Although Chomsky's description of language in terms of transformational grammar has had a considerable impact in respect of work on language intervention, the influence of his theory of language acquisition has been much more limited.
  • second language

    Virtually all the settings in which sign language is learned can also be found in second language learning.
  • write language

  • aspects of language

    One of the more remarkable, and useful, aspects of language is that it enables us to pose questions.
  • language development

    It emphasised that it was not concerned with reading alone, arguing that reading is not a discrete skill that can be considered in isolation from general language development.
  • program language

  • language helper

    Reassure your language helper every now and then that you appreciate correction.
  • russian language

  • general language

    The translation from a general language to the machine specific is performed by a compiler or interpreter.
  • language understanding

    In this chapter we want to examine some of the factors which are involved in the stages of language understanding which occur beyond the stage of word recognition.
  • language features

    This practical handbook highlights and practises language features commonly used in ‘The Economist’ and similar publications.

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