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  • digital equipment corp

  • military equipment

    The recent improvement in East-West relations must also make the market for military equipment less favourable.
  • equipment used

    The equipment used is much the same; the same drum machines as then.
  • capital equipment

    Indeed, in many industries there would be little point in raising the skill level unless workers are given more advanced capital equipment on which to work.
  • computer equipment

    In the recent What Personal Computer reader survey we asked you what computer equipment you wanted to buy.
  • manufacture equipment

  • light equipment

  • video equipment

    The technique uses video equipment which produces a three dimensional impression.
  • display screen equipment

    The employer's main duties are to assess display screen equipment workstations and reduce any risks that are discovered; ensure that workstations satisfy minimum requirements in terms of the display screen itself, the keyboard, desk and chair, working environment and task design and software; plan work on display screen equipment so that the user has breaks or changes of activity; and to provide information and training for display equipment users.

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