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  • do not allow

    Like a huge wall that shields tender shoots from the light, you do not allow my passions and sensations their scope.
  • should allow

    The floating point changes should allow for increased parallelism.
  • refuse to allow

    In an emergency, however, it may refuse to allow contact for up to seven days if it is necessary to do so in order to safeguard or promote the child's welfare (s34(6)).
  • design to allow

  • also allow

    The closures will also allow £483,000 extra to be spent on the region's remaining ten centres.
  • allow students

    This would allow students to build up their qualifications by taking a variety of units, or modules.
  • never allow

    Roirbak would never allow it.
  • allow sufficient

    For both family farmers and part-time farmers it was essential to set dates well in advance of courses to allow sufficient time for organisation of work or time off from an off-farm job.

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