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  • prison sentence

    I ended up with a two-year prison sentence with another nine months suspended.
  • each sentence

    Atomism, opposed to holism, holds that each sentence has its own meaning, which it can carry about with it from theory to theory.
  • last sentence

    The expression "miscarriage of justice" in the last sentence
  • sentence imposed

    NB: A sentence imposed by a court outside Great Britain shall betreated as a sentence most nearly corresponding with a Great Britain sentence.
  • jail sentence

    He is serving a 10-year jail sentence.
  • mandatory life sentence

    A later example can be found in the proposal to substitute discretionary sentences (including life imprisonment) for the mandatory life sentence in cases of murder.
  • sentence of death

    He was rewarded for this and more with a Bulgarian sentence of death and a British MBE.
  • second sentence

    The it in the second sentence refers back to the ball .
  • sentence would have

    The correct sentence would have been nine months' detention in a young offender institution, and that sentence would be substituted.
  • suspend sentence

  • custodial sentence

    ‘Housebreaking on this scale merits nothing else than a custodial sentence.
  • first sentence

    A difficulty of paraphrase arises even in the first sentence "Who are the characters?"
  • sentence does

    Her sister Carole Calf, of Accrington, Lancashire, said: ‘The sentence does seem lenient.
  • sentence passed

    The court ruled that the case against Harte had not been "conclusively or legally proven" and quashed the 18-year sentence passed against him on April 2 [see p. 38157].
  • sentence being

    Although in this last case we should note that it is much harder to talk of the sentence being ‘wrong’; there are circumstances when people validly violate semantic norms, as we shall see.

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