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  • better understanding

    The process of modelling the organisation should result in a better understanding of the business.
  • understand of how

  • understand between

  • greater understanding

    We are working for a greater understanding between the parties.
  • knowledge and understanding

    They are, of course, very adept at absorbing everything in a brief but this is no substitute for a profound knowledge and understanding of the subject.
  • lack of understanding

    It seems to show a fundamental lack of understanding on the Revenue's part of the commercial considerations involved.
  • clear understanding

    In the light of Dr Barsamian's visionary work, a clear understanding of the process has emerged.
  • mutual understanding

    ‘Eventually we came to a mutual understanding whereby I would fill out five forms to cover each £50 cheque and I actually ended up signing 25 forms and five cheques to obtain my fuel.
  • full understanding

    Since the number of measurements needed for a reasonably full understanding of any turbulent flow is large, it is highly desirable to make observations of general applicability.
  • increase understanding

  • real understanding

    Its a privileged position which gives you a real understanding of the intensity and diversity of the work of women artists today.
  • memorandum of understanding

    DEC says it has a memorandum of understanding with a second source for the Alpha chip.
  • basic understanding

    They attend sporadically, and their basic understanding of history is usually sketchy.
  • gain an understanding

    To gain an understanding of the persistence and excellence of black sportsmen, the analysis has to begin in the eighteenth century.
  • understand how

  • general understanding

    Let it be supposed that Mrs. Steed was a lady of sufficient general understanding and capability to be a suitable donee of the power of appointment.

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