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  • heart attack

    He had a heart attack…’
  • under attack

    Like Queen Bees under attack,they sting .
  • bomb attack

    Tension rose in the republic when a dozen people were injured in a bomb attack on a Croatian cultural centre at Odzak on Feb.24.
  • panic attack

    One of these possible signals is a panic attack when adrenalin is released into the blood stream and an acute anxiety spiral may then be set into effect.
  • arson attack

    Protesters in Germany took to the streets of Solingen after an arson attack by neo-Nazis that killed five Turks.
  • gun attack

    The day after twenty-five people died in massacres in South Africa, two more were killed in a gun attack which injured two others.
  • attack while

    The toes must face the direction of the attack while the body leans forward.

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