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  • body weight

    What I Mean is the transfer of body weight to the shot.
  • birth weight

    Our results confirm the relation between birth weight and lung function measurements reported in other studies.
  • lose weight

    I'm trying to lose weight
  • under the weight

    The industry threatens to collapse under the weight of industry bodies and lobbies, yet still they keep being born.
  • weight loss

    On the other hand you may be expecting too fast a weight loss.
  • full weight

    He also wrote letters to bring the full weight of the family's influence to bear on Cambridge University.
  • greater weight

    I have suggested that it can be shown to be fair or just to do so; but this may not make it right if some other principle of greater weight is involved.
  • sufficient weight

    These characters are not of sufficient weight to warrant maintaining O. enopla as a separate species.
  • molecular weight

    DNA molecular weight marker was obtained from Bethesda Research Laboratories (Gaithersburg, MD, USA).
  • placental weight

    Blood pressure in children and adults is more strongly predicted by thinness at birth and a high ratio of placental weight to birth weight than by birth weight alone.
  • weight behind

    You can't get your weight behind it.
  • put on weight

    Anna's put on weight in her face, hasn't she?
  • add weight

    Does the tone and content of source C add weight to Snowden's argument?
  • have weight

    R3 will have weight (1-K) *W3.
  • weight is given

    Greater weight is given to propositions by judges of courts higher in the hierarchy of courts.

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