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  • national newspaper

    The Secretary of State for Energy, on the Monday of the Labour party annual conference, phoned a few national newspaper editors to talk the Conservative party out of a general election this month.
  • sun newspaper

  • sunday newspaper

  • daily newspaper

    He was reading the daily newspaper and enjoying a cup of tea.
  • newspaper publishing

    In all the SED relinquished ownership of 15 newspaper publishing houses.
  • newspaper article

    Right, and you can do this with newspaper articles.
  • local newspaper

    Select three advertisements from your local newspaper.
  • independent newspaper

  • newspaper ran

    One newspaper ran the headline ‘Christie's a Chump!’
  • newspaper last

    They apparently engaged in an intimate conversation, destined to emerge in the Sun newspaper last year, as the notorious Dianagate or Squidgy tapes.
  • newspaper report

    The newspaper reports the affair wholly within the rhetoric of the Joneses.
  • newspaper published

    Their backs even made it into The Times when the newspaper published names of the finishers.
  • newspaper business

    This newspaper business bothers him a lot and he spoke with force.

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