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  • child care

    child care facilities, communal and/or work-based
  • child abuse

    It's child abuse, paedophilia.
  • where the child

    Where a child is a party to proceedings and required to serve a document, service must be effected by the child's solicitor or by the guardian ad litem where the child has no solicitor.
  • child benefit

    Are changes such as means-testing child benefit and state pensions simply unthinkable?
  • when the child

    In contrast, when the child is having difficulty, the adult may need to make more frequent contributions of a different kind in order to help the child express her ideas in words.
  • child protection

    The child protection conference is not a creature of statute.
  • youngest child

    The youngest child believed her mother to be dead.
  • child should

    The boy later wrote his memoirs; again, I quote: ‘Mme Picard's opinion was that a child should be allowed to read everything.
  • when a child

    They assume that when a child hears ‘Two twos are four, two threes are six’ that they've got various pictures in their heads, various ideas onto which to attach these symbols and these words.

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