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  • serious doubts

    ‘There must be serious doubts as to whether he is strong enough to shift the party behind him.’
  • grave doubts

    I wonder and I have grave doubts and reservations, that Charles the Third will have a Portsmouth and a naval base to fortify.
  • doubt were

  • there are doubts

    This implies the rather restricting condition that they all have the same activation energy and there are doubts upon this point being raised in recent research.
  • have any doubts

    So if you have any doubts at all…use a condom.
  • have doubts

    But we have doubts.’
  • linger doubts

  • doubt whether

  • doubt about whether

  • express doubts

  • grow doubts

  • doubt have

  • cast doubts

    There is a great natural temptation for new members to cast doubts on the worth of pursuing an existing project and to want to push off in new directions.
  • raise doubts

    Innovative policies during the campaign raise doubts over existing policies, and raise questions over why reforms weren't introduced earlier.
  • similar doubts

    She was willing to bet Hugh Puddephat had never suffered similar doubts.
  • doubt like

  • have no doubts

    Only God and certain madmen have no doubts.
  • many doubts

    There was some doubt — there were many doubts — but circumstantially it was strong.
  • real doubts

    The good leader has his ear to the ground and will know the stage at which real doubts are growing.

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