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  • be happy

    Now I shall be happy!
  • i was happy

  • happy birthday

    happy birthday off and stuck that .
  • so happy

    I'm so happy.
  • happy enough

    Well he's happy enough behind all this isn't he?
  • happy when

    He did say, were you happy when you painted them
  • always happy

    Minto was always happy to entertain young people, and the invitation was issued.
  • perfectly happy

    At the moment she was perfectly happy.
  • many happy

    There aren't many happy endings in my line of business.’
  • happy to go

    But Xury was happy to go to the captain, and the captain was a good man.
  • i am happy

  • happy to do

    And if it's for the parish council, I'm very happy to do so.
  • happy to say

    After the agreement was reached, indignant voices were raised in many quarters, but I am happy to say that few, if any, regarded my behaviour as treacherous.
  • be not happy

  • too happy

    The French suppliers are only too happy to oblige.
  • really happy

    (When you feel really happy these days, what sort of thing is it that makes you feel like that?)

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