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  • house benefit

  • unemployment benefit

    The Government did not honour this commitment when unemployment benefit became taxable in July 1982.
  • child benefit

    For a three-child family, child benefit has fallen below earnings by £12.40 a week or £645 a year.
  • supplementary benefit

    Up to April 1988 this was known as supplementary pension and was the arm of the supplementary benefit system catering for older people.
  • also benefit

    Freshwater fishkeepers as well as marinists can also benefit from:
  • maximum benefit

    If the session is viewed as a dreaded ordeal, the learner will feel anxious and not gain maximum benefit.
  • direct benefit

    The new system will also be of direct benefit to the Library's users.
  • parent benefit

    One parent benefit , a weekly addition to child benefit for one parent families;; 696 thousand lone families were receiving one parent benefit in January 1990.
  • likely to benefit

    This unit auto-senses the mains voltage, and adjusts accordingly, so is most likely to benefit international travellers.
  • have the benefit

    Methylene blue is used when eggs are hatched artificially and do not have the benefit of parental care to keep them clean.
  • amount of benefit

    The amount of benefit paid increased from 18 million pounds in 1983 to about 1,000 million pounds in 1989.
  • state benefit

    A compromise agreement on a proposed reform of the state benefit system reached in August [see pp. 38401-02]led to a wave of protests culminating in strikes on Sept. 17.

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