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  • tough enough

    It's tough enough for those who stay.
  • tough time

    I am having a tough time.’
  • how tough

    I don't think people have any idea how tough it has been for me.
  • have a tough

    It will pay to have a tough template for cutting by scalpel, hot iron or roller-cutter.
  • really tough

    She's really tough.
  • be tough

    But once in the ring, I've got to be tough.’
  • get tough

    Even the police seem reluctant to get tough.
  • tough life

    P.P. It was a tough life, especially in wet weather.
  • very tough

    It is very tough.
  • tough decisions

    ‘There may have to be some tough decisions.
  • tough economic

    Despite the strictures imposed and the tough economic climate, William Grant
  • tough as old

    Newcastle the league leaders looked as tough as old boots…
  • too tough

    It needs to be used as soon as it is made, however, as it quickly becomes too tough to handle and shape.
  • pretty tough

    The competition's been pretty tough this year has it?
  • tough measures

    Nevertheless, some LEAs are adopting tough measures.
  • tough little

    ‘I thought that tough little Jack Russell would finally get the better of me.’
  • quite tough

    ‘We may be small but we're quite tough.’
  • so tough

    P. sibhorpii , a soft blushed mauve shade, is also tough as are the various coloured forms of cowslip which can even be naturalised in grass.

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