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  • blood vessels

    Relaxed tissues and blood vessels
  • red blood

    The red blood cell of chickens (unlike our own red blood cell) has a nucleus.
  • blood test

    No wonder he had three bloody blood tests the other day then.
  • menstrual blood

    Where blood has a significance, and menstrual blood negatively so, women are granted a kind of power.
  • peripheral blood

    In a few cases, there was a decline in quantitative HIV culture from plasma (but not from peripheral blood mononuclear cells).
  • blood group

    Q. What blood group are you?
  • cold blood

    There was little cold blood about the topics discussed in these Margate letters.
  • give blood

  • captain blood

  • blood tests

    No wonder he had three bloody blood tests the other day then.
  • high blood pressure

    Khasbulatov's doctor, however, explained that he was suffering from high blood pressure.
  • blood transfusion

    Shortly afterwards Miss T. told the midwife that she did not want a blood transfusion.
  • blood off

    Elliott palmed blood off his face and coughed.
  • blood glucose

    To control blood pressure at the expense of the blood glucose level or with elevated lipid levels does not represent successful treatment.
  • blood specimen

    Road Traffic — Blood specimen — Requirement — Breath testing device not working — Custody officer informing defendant of right to provide blood or urine and requiring blood specimen — Defendant not given opportunity to express preference — Whether requirement for blood specimen validly made — Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52), ss. 7(3) (b)(4), 8(2)

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