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  • improve the quality

    Doctors say it will improve the quality of life for kidney patients.
  • how to improve

    This project is useful for the analysis and an example of how to improve interdisciplinary relationships.
  • improve public

    They were keen to combat acid rain, freeze carbon dioxide emissions and improve public transport.
  • try to improve

  • efforts to improve

    Not all efforts to improve prison conditions are futile, but any success is likely to be at the margins and will depend upon full regard being given to the capacity and population side of the reform equation.
  • improve the efficiency

    At present, much research is being carried out to improve the efficiency of photocells.
  • do to improve

    As all of us spend time in groups we should ask what we can do to improve group effectiveness.
  • use to improve

  • attempt to improve

    Secondly, a wage-change variable is included in addition to a price variable since it is hypothesised that workers may seek to unionise not only to defend existing standards of living but also to attempt to improve upon them.
  • able to improve

    After all, Jones spent a long time getting the wording right, and you won't be able to improve on it.
  • effort to improve

    She has also made a concerted effort to improve her knowledge.
  • improve access

    This would at once limit access to the city by private vehicles and improve access for buses and coaches.
  • improve matters

    Removing the nasal pack and inserting a nasopharyngeal tube did not improve matters.
  • order to improve

    In order to improve and enhance performance, appraisal must conform to the following criteria:
  • improve services

    That should help to improve services.
  • improve the position

    The right hon. Gentleman said that a reduction in the prison population was the way to improve the position in prisons.
  • intend to improve

    They intend to improve CDT teacher training, and increase the number of craft workers in residence at schools.
  • aim to improve

  • design to improve

  • do not improve

    We have shown that the abnormalities of oesophageal motor function in patients with reflux oesophagitis do not improve after complete healing of oesophagitis.

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