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  • blue eyes

    The blue eyes looked up.
  • dark blue

    dark blue
  • share in blue

  • pale blue

    Daffodil's pale blue and dark green were innermost.
  • blue light

    Broken spurs of blue light spat ugly in the air around.
  • deep blue

    I'm sure the eyes were deep blue.
  • blue peter

  • blue and white

    It's square, blue and white, generally weather resistant and belongs to the genus Hague.
  • blue arrow

  • blue sky

    She has a lot of blue sky yet to find.
  • clear blue

    Renowned for its clear blue waters
  • bright blue

    She was fifteen years younger than he and fair with bright blue eyes.
  • light blue

    Usually they're light blue.
  • navy blue

    Colour choice is that of grey, brown or navy blue.
  • blue blue

    Blue blue blue blue blue.
  • brilliant blue

    ‘That wonderful royal blue — it emphasises the brilliant blue of your eyes, and you look as slim as a needle.
  • great blue

    Waking very cold and aching, Perdita saw little red flames flickering across the great blue arch of sky and thought for a terrified second that she was in the middle of a forest fire.
  • winsor blue

  • blue chip

    The company has created a niche market for itself within the catering industry and continues to make huge inroads with specifically targeted blue chip companies.

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