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  • two examples

    I give two examples.
  • examples include

    Other examples include the scorpion fish, lion fish, rabbitfish, toad fish, waspfish, frogfish and many of the catfish.
  • many examples

    Note as many examples now as you can remember where you feel you have been wronged.
  • few examples

    Table 1 shows a few examples.
  • good examples

    There are good examples of what can be done in private care.
  • interest examples

  • numerous examples

    There are numerous examples of this mal-practice.
  • best examples

    One of the best examples is Lawrence of Arabia's famous Seven Pillars of Wisdom .
  • there are examples

    However, there are examples which show that we cannot always assume that a property word will have a referential locus.
  • finest examples

    About 20,000 people visit the museum each year and it houses some of the finest examples of railway memorabilia.
  • fine examples

    Belfast Gas Works Ormeau Road,(1896) Klondyke building, Retort House, Meter House and workshops — all are fine examples of Belfast's industrial past which have suffered through vandalism and theft of original materials.
  • know examples

  • examples do

    Here, they use the common-sense idea of sabotage as a ‘spanner in the works’, yet several of their own examples do not fit readily into such a definition.
  • examples where

    There are other examples where totally wrong conclusions have been drawn from the publication of early evidence, causing considerable unnecessary distress to many people in the meantime.
  • examples are given

    Some examples are given below
  • four examples

    Only four examples are given here to illustrate this approach.
  • further examples

    Here are some further examples.
  • typical examples

    Descriptions of experimental set-ups will be typical examples of initial conditions.

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