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  • movie star

    She was just like a movie star.
  • first movie

    Wallace Reid was a victim of fame, the star system, a drugs dealer and of Will H Hays, the first movie censor.
  • movie industry

    Asked once about how long he thought the movie industry could last, he snapped: ‘I never make predictions, especially about the future’.
  • movie called

    This autumn, a movie called Swoon will open at the Metro Cinema in London.
  • like a movie

    She was just like a movie star.
  • war movie

    Now that the ‘Mother Of All Battles’ has, temporarily at least, subsided, the war movie in all its blood-soaked, strafe-bombed, napalm reeking death or glory guts-spilling heart-wrenching glory should return to the small screen.
  • road movie

    An off-beat road movie.
  • movie stars

    The movie stars Ione Skye and Donovan Leitch, both offspring of '60s popster Donovan.
  • movie director

    Either the movie director was blind, or wanted to do a remake of ‘the Albino Spud-U-Like From Hell’!
  • movie version

    The movie version blows it in the first couple of minutes.
  • movie business

    Norman, who is a sprightly 87, entered the movie business late in life.
  • horror movie

    And who but a megalomaniac would want to live on the set for a Hammer horror movie?’

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