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  • board members

    The following points were made by individual board members during the research:
  • development board

    The Marquess of Queensberry, an ICA development board member and accomplished potter, is delighted.
  • board of directors

    Morland's board of directors said it considered the offer inadequate and recommended shareholders took no action.
  • board should

    This may cause some confusion as to which way round the board should fit.
  • board of trade

    Michael Heseltine, the president of the board of trade, has found another industry in which to intervene.
  • tourist board

    There had been no word from Steve or Maria Lisa and though there was no time element concerned with this contract she was still a little worried that nothing had been accomplished with the airlines and tourist board in Palma.
  • license board shall

  • parole board

  • board meeting

    What would seem bad chairmanship at a board meeting or a university senate was here a deliberate policy: people, The People, should have their say.
  • electricity board

  • management board

    The management board is likely to be chaired by Renault chairman Louis Schweitzer, Renault said.
  • review board

    Another fairly important change was that a review by a review board should be discontinued if it was established that the inspector's report did not adversely affect the reputation of the person who applied for the review.
  • draw board

  • cricket board

  • account standards board

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