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  • make a habit

    Try not to make a habit of it…’
  • bad habit

    A bad habit.
  • have a habit

    Myths have a habit of ignoring the truth.
  • become a habit

    Has this become a habit of mind?
  • habit of being

    Troubles have a habit of being compounded.
  • habit of making

    Get out of this habit of making digs about people.
  • habit of using

    He had decided not to make a habit of using the motorcycle for work.
  • habit of getting

    I voiced my resentment openly, but my fatigue was confided only to my diary and to those of my friends who already knew that I was in the habit of getting up and wandering around at night.
  • habit of taking

    The habit of taking two days off proved popular in London.
  • unfortunate habit

    Pop carols, of course, mustn't create the unfortunate habit of diverting attention to the figure of Jesus.
  • habit of coming

    ‘You cannot make a habit of coming here.’

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